Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

We want to start by saying welcome to our PTO! We look forward to working with you this year!

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Box Tops: A group of volunteers to collect, count, and report the amount of Box Tops.
  • Flier Committees: A group of volunteers who count and separate fliers to be distributed in to teacher's mail boxes or classrooms. Also to pass out fliers during Parent Pick Up (PPU).
  • Thank-You Notes: A group of volunteers to send VERY IMPORTANT Thank-You Notes to our benefactors. This can be done from home.
  • Holiday House: A group of volunteers to donate their time throughout this event. This event includes setting up the merchandise, assisting children with shopping, stocking, cashiering, and breakdown on the last day. Any time donated during this event is a Huge Help!
  • Book Fairs: Responsible for assisting in the Library with stocking, cashiering, and assisting the students with shopping.
  • DQ Night: Our monthly fundraiser. At our local Dairy Queen on Palm Beach Blvd. at this event we keep track of which students and teachers show up so that we can award the class with the most participation.

What is PTO?

*The mission of the Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO) is to support and assist River Hall Elementary school in achieving social and academic success in a caring environment. Our membership includes: Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Staff, and Community Members. 

*All are welcome, even kids! We hold one meeting a month… for an hour at the most!


*To continue supporting students and staff of River Hall Elementary

*Foster a community atmosphere

*Support the mission and vision of the school

*Promote communication and cooperation between parents and teachers

*Provide financial assistance where needs are identified

*To increase our PTO membership and activity


*Currently, 6:00pm Once a Month (Subject to Change by Membership Vote)

*Currently, in the Media Center (Subject to Change by Membership Vote)

Topics to be Discussed:

*Upcoming Events

*Ideas for Future Events

*How to Improve Your Family’s Experience at River Hall

How to Join:

  • There are no Membership Fees! Simply show up to the meetings with your ideas and opinions that will help steer your child’s education. There are multiple volunteer opportunities available.
  • Volunteering doesn’t have to mean a huge time commitment. We even have tasks that don’t involve coming to the school at all!

Regular Bobcat PTO Fundraising Efforts:

*River Hall Fall Fest - Our favorite Fundraiser of the year allows teachers, staff, PTO, parents, students and families to come together for a night of fun, while raising funds for the school, grade levels and PTO. There are various volunteer opportunities available.

*Holiday House - is located in the media center during December it allows students to purchase inexpensive gifts for family and friends. There are various volunteer opportunities available.

*River Hall Night at the Riverdale DQ (Monthly) - Once a month, enjoy a night out with the family at our local DQ! A portion of all proceeds benefits the PTO directly… even drive-thru orders!

How PTO Benefits our Children/School:

*Additional Instructional Materials for our Teachers, *Student awards, *School-wide funds

Recent and Upcoming PTO Activity:

  • Fall Fest
  • Positive Behavior Support (PBS) student incentive program **Model School Designation**
  • Class and Grade Level specific contests, activities, and awards
  • Coordination of the Box Tops 4 Education and Labels for Education Programs
  • Our next DQ Night (see above for detail)…even DRIVE-THRU orders count! 

Thank you sincerely for your interest in improving your child’s education! We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.