Academic Resources

Educational Websites for Extra Practice 

Brainpop & Brainpop Jr.

Educational games by subject (Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Engineering & Technology, Health, and Arts & Music)

Free resources available to assist with introducing computer science, there are fun Frozen and Angry Birds games that children can actually build by applying programming principles.

Cool Math

Educational games, mostly math-based, but contains a wide variety of skill, logic and strategy games as well.

Fast Math

FAST Math uses games and targeted learning to increase fluency through systematic teaching. 

Go Math! Practice & More

Links that provide students with many useful, interactive, and engaging online math tools, games, and extra practice.

Interactive Sites

K-5 interactive, educational games by subject.

LaunchPad - District Application Portal

Allows students to access many of their instructional resources at home. Students sign into with their district username and password.


A series of puzzles which act as a precursor to computer programming. (User must click on Demo Puzzles to access the free content). User inputs commands to a robot to execute certain tasks. Encourages critical thinking and develops the skills necessary to provide incremental instructions to a program or machine.

Spelling City

Fun, interactive Spelling Games, can be used to practice spelling lists.


(Pre K – 2nd) Reading and math games designed for younger children.