School Counseling & Mental Health

Roles and Services

School counselors create and implement a comprehensive school counseling plan in order to foster the development of social and emotional health. School counselors service the entire student body by providing classroom character education lessons in order to instill and strengthen moral values within the student body. In addition, lessons on various topics relating to social/emotional health and well-being are presented throughout the school year in order to address specific topics.

 In order to provide more focused assistance to students and families, school counselors conduct small group and individual counseling sessions with students to address various behavioral and emotional concerns.  Further aid may be provided to students and families via referrals to outside behavioral and mental health agencies as well as by connecting families to supports within the community. Ultimately, a school counselor’s mission is to foster social, emotional, and academic success so that each child may flourish throughout all domains of life.

School Mental Health Team

School mental health teams are multi-disciplinary teams that meet regularly to review students who have been identified with social-emotional or mental health concerns. The team uses data-based decisions making to support student mental health through selective and indicated interventions. School mental health teams strive to facilitate the maximum impact of a comprehensive school mental health system. They serve as the organizing structure for a tiered system of school mental health supports and services. 


Please feel free to contact our school counselor at (239) 693-0349.