It’s fun….it’s exciting….it’s our school’s Invention & Science Fair! The date is set for December 4th and the time to start is now!

Grades K – 3: participation is optional. This is a wonderful opportunity to challenge children who are always looking for more to do. We encourage K – 3 to participate in the Invention Fair. Last year we had an amazing time with our students who rose to the challenge, and were invited to the Edison Inventor’s Fair later in January. We had several award winners from our school!

Grades 4 & 5: participation is required. Students may choose to make an invention, conduct an experiment, or write a report on a scientist or inventor.

All projects and models are due in school on Dec. 4th Join us at our Science & Invention Fair on Dec. 5th in the media center from 5pm to 7pm. Everyone is welcome! Please visit Mrs. Tew's Website for lots of great information! Thank you for your support!