Fall & Spring Collection Contests!


River Hall needs ALL of your Box Tops. Your child‘s class can win prizes for being the class with the most Box Tops!

We need your help! As a school we can earn thousands of dollars. This helps provide school materials, extra assistance for students, field trips, and  much more! So, start clipping  and saving and watch upcoming newsletters for Box Tops collection contest information. Keep reading for ways that you can help our school with Box Tops:

1. Send Box Tops in sets of 50 with your child’s name and teacher's name on the baggie. No expired Box Tops please. If you don’t have 50 send them anyway. The baggies of fifty are just easier to count and how we have to turn them in to get paid from Box Tops.

2. Print fun worksheets from the Box Tops website and have your child paste on the Box Tops.

3. Go to http://boxtops.org and select River Hall as your school.  You could win 15,000 Box Tops by entering in their sweepstakes. 

Those little Box Tops add up! They are a big fundraiser for our school.  Our school collected over $3000.00 last year. Thank you for all your support. Let’s work together to earn even more this year. Please keep saving Box Tops!

Thank you for your efforts collecting Box Tops for our school!