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Books, Badges and Books-A-Million is open to all Kindergarten through 5th Grade Students at River Hall. Here is how it works. Students will be asked to read ten books from ten different genres (kinds or types) of books. Upon reading these books the student will submit his/her reading log and earn one badge for each genre. When the student has read 100 books or ten books from each genre and completed a book jacket from 5 (five) of his/her favorite books consisting of the characters, setting, plot (events) in the story, problem and solution then he/she will be entered into a contest to go on a field trip to Books-A-Million and have lunch at Manatee Park. There will be 30 lucky winners!

This is a very exciting opportunity for your child to not only read, but to earn badges and have a chance to attend a field trip! If there are any questions regarding this project, please feel free to contact Mrs. Riley or Mrs. Borchering.  Thank you for participating and assisting your child in becoming an enthusiastic reader!

Kind regards,

Mrs. Heather Riley, Ed.S., Resource Teacher

Mrs. Linda Borchering, 5th Grade Teacher

Thank you! Happy Reading!