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Accelerated Reader Program / AR (K-5)

After School (Homework Help & Recreation) Program (K-5)

Art Program (K-5) 

Book Battle Club (4-5)

Box Tops Collection Contests (K-5)

Carson Scholars Fund (5)

Children's Honor Choir (4-5)

Computer Labs (K-5)

Compass Learning Odyssey (K-5)

Exceptional Student Education / ESE (K-5)

Family Reading Center (K-2)

Field Day (K-5)

Field Trips (K-5)

Gifted Program (K-5)

Guidance Counselor (K-5)

i-Ready (K-5)

Lap Top Computers (K-5) 

Media Center (K-5)

Music Program (K-5)    

News Crew (5)

ParentLink App & Website (K-5)

Parent Teacher Organization / PTO (K-5)

PBS School Wide Events (K-5)

PBS Family First Breakfast / All Pro Dads & iMoms (K-5)

Perfect Attendance Awards (K-5)

Physical Education (K-5)

Promotion Ceremony (5)

Reading Buddies (5)

Recess (K-5)

Safety Patrol Program (5) 

Salvation Army Canned Food Drive (K-5)

School Advisory Council / SAC (K-5)

Science & Invention Fair (K-5)

Smart Board Technology (K-5)

Speech & Language Instruction (K-5)

Spirit Days (K-5)

Student Council (5)

Student of the Month Awards (K-5)